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Health & Safety

The ACM prioritizes your well-being during your time in Chicago. While it is your responsibility to communicate your health and safety concerns to the program faculty and staff, you will be equipped with the proper resources to ensure that you have a safe off-campus semester, allowing you to thrive in your studies and beyond.

The following information provides an overview of some of the ACM policies and procedures for student health and safety. You will receive comprehensive information about health and safety procedures after being admitted to the program.


Health insurance

All ACM Newberry Seminar students are required to carry their own health insurance.

Medications and other medical preparation

If you take one or more prescription drugs regularly, you’ll need to speak with your physician prior to coming to Chicago. You can decide which pharmacy is the best option for your physician to send a prescription to.

Special diets

After your program acceptance, you will be prompted to notify the ACM if you have any dietary restrictions. The ACM will work to make appropriate accommodations for group meals.


The ACM is dedicated to ensuring your safety during your time off-campus while also encouraging your immersion in Chicago. ACM program staff are well acquainted with the city and will advise you on navigating Chicago safely. The program’s comprehensive orientation provides practical information and advice for personal safety while living in Chicago.