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Faculty & Staff

Faculty are selected for their diverse academic expertise and interests that range across the humanities and humanistic social sciences.

With their passion for research and teaching experience, your professors will infuse your studies with a complex, interdisciplinary perspective. Two visiting faculty directors will lead the Newberry Seminar and mentor you throughout your independent research project.

As a participant in the seminar, you will be part of the vibrant research community at the Newberry Library, which includes the Newberry’s staff of librarians, archivists, and specialists, as well as scholars who are visiting the library to conduct their own research.

In an atmosphere that encourages an open exchange of ideas, members of the Newberry community support seminar participants by offering suggestions about source materials and possible areas of inquiry.

At the beginning of the program, Newberry staff will give your seminar group a library orientation and will educate you about the library’s various collections. Throughout the semester, the librarians will be among your most knowledgeable sources. They’re prepared to help you find information about the Newberry’s holdings and to recommend bibliographic and primary sources.

Fall 2022 Faculty


Rosemary O'Neill

Visiting Faculty Director 
Associate Professor, English
Kenyon College

Faculty profile


Laurie Finke

Visiting Faculty Director

Professor, Women's & Gender Studies

Kenyon College

Faculty profile

For a listing of Newberry Seminar faculty co-directors in previous years, see the Past Seminar Topics & Faculty page.

“The first time we met as a group, our professors emphasized the strength and quirkiness of the Newberry's “community of scholars." During the course of the semester I was continually amazed by the amount of partnership and collaboration that took place not only within our seminar, but also within the library as a whole. As I got more and more involved in my research, I found myself bouncing ideas off of a variety of individuals: from classmates to professors to librarians. Moreover, scholars within the library are unbelievably accessible.”

—Jennie Morrison, Kenyon College, American studies