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Internships at the Newberry

If you’re drawn to inner workings of the Newberry, or simply want to gain incredible work experience, you have the opportunity to work behind the scenes in one of the departments of the library throughout the semester.

These are paid positions and are limited to 10 hours per week maximum, so as not to interfere with seminar and research time. Each supervisor has agreed to be flexible with the number of hours and days of the week students work, and understands that frequently ACM students can work more hours earlier in the semester, but may taper when their independent research becomes more pressing.

Positions available vary, but the list below is illustrative of the variety of positions typically available for Newberry Seminar participants. For more information, contact Michael Vertovec, ACM Senior Program Administrator.

“I work in the General Reading Room at the Newberry Library, which basically means that I page books (grab books from the stacks) for people who request them. It’s actually a lot busier than it sounds — a lot of people use the library, and they page a ton of books, so it’s been a lot of wandering around the stacks so far. Which, of course, I love — I’m one of three students on my program who has access to ten floors of books!”
Karlyn Schumacher, Ripon College, reflecting on her paid internship in the General Reading Room

Internship Opportunities

These positions vary year to year. Please see below for a list of internship positions that were available to students participating in the Fall 2019 seminar.