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Personal Expenses

To help you budget for additional out-of-pocket expenses in Knoxville/Oak Ridge, see an estimate of what ACM students have spent in the past. 

Sample Budget for a Semester in Knoxville/Oak Ridge



Travel to/from Knoxville/Oak Ridge


Cultural events/entertainment



Miscellaneous² $200

¹ Depending on how often you cook in your apartment or purchase meals out.

² Includes personal travel and entertainment. See below for examples of common personal expenses.

Cost of Living in Knoxville/Oak Ridge

The following chart includes cost estimates for common personal purchases in Knoxville/Oak Ridge.

Knoxville sales tax 9.25%
Oak Ridge sales tax 9.75%
Newspaper $2
Bus ticket $1.50
Taxi per mile $2.00
Movie ticket $12
Museum admission $12.50
Pint of beer $4
Cover charge at a bar $5
Gallon of milk $3.25
Laundry detergent (50 fl oz) $7
Lunch at casual restaurant $9
Cup of coffee $3.00
Box of cereal $3.50
Gallon of gas $2.25
Pizza delivery $25
Bagel $2.50
Bottle of Coca-Cola $1.50
Deodorant $4.00
Average cost of weekly groceries $75

This page was updated on May 14, 2021.