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Program Faculty & Staff

Paul Stanley, Program Director; Dobson Family Endowed Professor of Physics, Beloit College

Phoebe LostrohFall 2021 Visiting Faculty Director; Associate Professor of Molecular Biology, Colorado College

Michael Vertovec, Senior Program Administrator
180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2020, Chicago, IL 60601
312.561.5934 /

Questions? Contact the Program Director and Senior Program Administrator at

Faculty Advisors

How do ACM's courses and credits fit with your academic plan?

  1. Beloit College
    Britt Scharringhausen
  2. Carleton College
    Helen Minsky
  3. Coe College
    Marty St. Clair
  4. Colorado College
    Sally Meyer
  5. Cornell College
    Craig Teague
  6. Grinnell College
    Leslie Lyons
  7. Knox College
    Andrew Leahy
  8. Lake Forest College
    Lynn Westley
  9. Lawrence University
    Allison Fleshman
  10. Luther College
    Bradley Chamberlain
  11. Macalester College
    Keith Kuwata
  12. Monmouth College
    Christopher Fasano
  13. Ripon College
    Christina Othon

Great Lakes College Association Faculty Advisors

Albion College
Craig Bieler 

Kalamazoo College

Jennifer Furchak

Allegheny College

Rachel O'Brien 

Kenyon College

Frank Peiris 

Denison University

Dan Gibson

Oberlin College

Daphne John 

DePauw University

Howard Brooks

Ohio Wesleyan University

Craig Jackson 

Earlham College

Patrick Barber 

Wabash College

James Brown 

Hope College

Jonathan Peterson

College of Wooster

Colby Long 

Off-Campus Study Offices

Need help preparing for off-campus study?

Contact your college’s Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad Office.