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ACM Program Coordinator


Our Special Projects Coordinator can answer most questions about the program or will put you in touch with someone who can!

Michael Vertovec

Associated Colleges of the Midwest
11 E. Adams Street, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60603

Student Ambassadors

Want to know what it’s actually like to study away?

From picking a program to packing a bag, ACM’s Off-Campus Study Ambassadors have done it all and are happy to answer your questions. Connect with an ambassador on your campus or one from another college, and learn how you can have your own unforgettable off-campus study experience.

  • Savannah Kinchen, Kalamazoo College
    Major: Anthropology/sociology
    Favorite memory from Chicago: Learning about social justice issues in the city by attending events and meeting community leaders.

  • Guillermo Dominguez-Garcia, Kalamazoo College
    Majors: Philosophy and economics
    Favorite memory from Chicago: Being able to work for World Business Chicago, where he helped small neighborhood businesses obtain business opportunities.

  • Adriana Ortiz, Knox College
    Major: Psychology

Faculty Advisors

How do ACM's courses and credits fit with your academic plan?

Credits are pre-approved at ACM schools. Talk to the program faculty advisor on your campus to learn more.

  1. Albion College
    Laurel Draudt (Entrepreneurship)
  2. Albion College
    Patrick McLean (Social Justice)
  3. Beloit College
    Carla Davis (Social Justice)
  4. Beloit College
    Diep Phan (Entrepreneurship)
  5. Beloit College
    George Williams (Arts)
  6. Carleton College
    Richard Keiser (Social Justice)
  7. Carleton College
    Nathan Grawe (Entrepreneurship)
  8. Carleton College
    David Lefkowitz (Arts)
  9. Centre College
    Beth Glazier-McDonald (Social Justice)
  10. Centre College
    Marie Petkus (Entrepreneurship)
  11. Centre College
    Milton Reigelman (Arts)
  12. Coe College
    Steven Shelby (Social Justice)
  13. Coe College
    Rob Kuennen (Entrepreneurship)
  14. Coe College
    Susan Wolverton (Arts)
  15. Colorado College
    Corina McKendry (Social Justice)
  16. Colorado College
    Dan Johnson (Entrepreneurship)
  17. Colorado College
    Shawn Womack (Arts)
  18. Concordia College
    Matthew Lindholm (Social Justice)
  19. Concordia College
    Susan Lee (Arts)
  20. Cornell College
    A'amer Farooqi (Entrepreneurship)
  21. Cornell College
    Ellen Hoobler (Arts)
  22. Cornell College
    Tori Barnes-Brus (Social Justice)
  23. Grinnell College
    Keith Brouhle (Arts, Entrepreneurship, Social Justice)
  24. Hanover College
    Bill Bettler
  25. Illinois Wesleyan University
    Jim Sikora (Social Justice)
  26. Illinois Wesleyan University
    Curtis Trout (Arts)
  27. Illinois Wesleyan University
    Dave Marvin (Entrepreneurship)
  28. Knox College
    Duane Oldfield (Social Justice)
  29. Knox College
    Craig Choma (Arts)
  30. Knox College
    John Spittell (Entrepreneurship)
  31. Lawrence University
    Ben Rinehart (Arts)
  32. Lawrence University
    Adam Galambos (Entrepreneurship)
  33. Lawrence University
    Arnold Shober (Social Justice)
  34. Luther College
    Robert Vrtis (Arts)
  35. Luther College
    Alexandra White (Entrepreneurship)
  36. Luther College
    Charlotte Kunkel (Social Justice)
  37. Macalester College
    Gary Krueger (Entrepreneurship)
  38. Macalester College
    Stanton Sears (Arts)
  39. Macalester College
    Daniel Trudeau (Social Justice)
  40. Monmouth College
    Ken McMillan (Entrepreneurship)
  41. Monmouth College
    Daniel Ott (Social Justice)
  42. Monmouth College
    Vanessa Campagna (Arts)
  43. Monmouth College
    Emily Rollie (Arts)
  44. Ohio Wesleyan University
    John Durst
  45. Ripon College
    John Dalziel (Arts)
  46. Ripon College
    Paul Schoofs (Entrepreneurship)
  47. Ripon College
    Sarah Frohardt-Lane (Social Justice)
  48. St. Olaf College
    Peter Becker-Nelson (Arts, Entrepreneurship, Social Justice)
  49. The College of Idaho
    Alice Vinson
  50. Trinity College
    Garth Myers (Social Justice)
  51. Valparaiso University
    Mike Longan (Social Justice)
  52. Valparaiso University
    Toni Spaliaras (Entrepreneurship)
  53. Valparaiso University
    Sarah Jantzi (Arts)
  54. Westminster College
    Lisa Fein

Off-Campus Study Offices

Need help preparing for off-campus study?

Contact your college’s Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad Office.