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Applying for an ACM program is free. Tuition for your semester in Brazil will vary based on your individual financial aid package and your school’s tuition, procedures, and policies. Additionally, some schools may assess special fees for off-campus study.

This program is no longer offered

Cost Information for Brazil: Semester Exchange Program at UFJF

Spring 2018 or fall 2018 semester

Students at ACM colleges
Tuition* Varies
Program Fee** $3,000 
Campus tuition charges and/or fees*** Varies

See the Brazil Exchange program personal expenses webpage for a sample budget and estimated costs of commonly purchased items in Brazil.

This exchange program in Brazil is only available to students from the 14 colleges in the ACM consortium.


* Tuition will be paid to the ACM student's home campus, in exchange for the agreement to receive a Brazilian student.
** The program fee covers the intensive Portuguese language course, CISI medical insurance, and administrative costs. The $50 non-refundable deposit will be applied toward the program fee.
*** Additional tuition charges and/or fees for off-campus study are likely to apply at most colleges. These additional campus charges typically relate to expenses for academic support services and the awarding of academic credit and/or financial aid. Please consult your Financial Aid office or Off-Campus Study office for more details about your college's policies, and to find out what you will be charged for the program.

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This webpage was updated on July 25, 2018.