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Living Arrangements

There are two types of student housing available in Juiz de Fora—either an apartment or a República. Both housing options allow you to engage with your Brazilian community and practice Portuguese.

With the help of the Brazilian Exchange Student Network (BES), you’ll connect with UFJF students and find the support you need to find housing. You will also have support from the International Relations Coordination Office (CRI). Both groups are eager to help you adapt to Brazilian culture and life as a student.


If you decide to live in an apartment, you’ll have your own room in a unit with 2–3 other local students. Just like apartments in the United States, your options will vary by size and location. The cost for a room in a shared student apartment is typically R$350–550 per month (approximately $175–325 US dollars). This cost usually includes rent, water, electricity, and internet. Apartments are comfortable and have basic amenities.

Group apartment or house

Students may also rent a room in a “República,” which is a room in a shared group apartment or house in town. Living expenses and household responsibilities are shared with a small community of other students, who are primarily Brazilian, but may include international students.

A list of recommended Repúblicas is available from the CRI upon arrival. The cost for a room in a República is typically the same approximate price as a standard apartment, R$350–550 per month (approximately $175–325 US dollars). Meals are not included in either option, but students almost always have access to a kitchen and laundry facilities.

ACM students have had success with both of these housing options, and either one is ideal for the independent, motivated students who choose to study as an exchange student at Juiz de Fora!