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ACM/UCR Dual Enrollment Option

If you are at an advanced level of Spanish language proficiency, you have the opportunity to take classes alongside Costa Rican students at the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR).

On the ACM/UCR dual enrollment option, students choose two to three courses from the wide range of offerings at UCR and also take two courses in the ACM program curriculum.

The dual enrollment option follows the calendar of the Costa Rican academic year, so students arrive in mid-July to begin the second semester at UCR. Students are placed with host families in a neighborhood convenient to both UCR and the ACM Center. Students on the ACM/UCR dual enrollment option cannot participate in the month-long community engagement practicum, but instead will engage in community-based projects in the San José area.

To be considered for the direct enrollment option, you must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and should have completed at least five semesters of college-level Spanish or the equivalent. This option is only offered during the fall semester.