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Living Arrangements

 WATCH: What's it like to live with a host family? See what other ACM Costa Rica students have to say about their experience in less than 60 seconds!

Your Home Away from Home

In Costa Rica, you have the unique opportunity to live with two different host families. Throughout most of the semester, you'll live with a host family in San José, Costa Rica’s capital. Depending on the focus of your community engagement during the month-long community practicum in October, you might move to live with a host family in a rural location or you might stay in San José. How different or similar will the lifestyles of urban- and rural-based Costa Rican families be?

Your host families provide you with a room, laundry service, breakfast and dinner during the week, and all meals on weekends. Get ready to taste delicious homemade Costa Rican dishes such as casado, gallo pinto, empanadas, tamales, and fried plantains, and sample authentic Costa Rican coffee, which most Ticos drink several times a day!

Your homestay is a positive space for you to explore all aspects of Costa Rican culture and learn how to embrace cultural differences. Maybe you’ll perfect your Spanish speaking skills during coffee breaks with your host family, meet their relatives and neighbors at community events, or pick up some cooking pointers from your host mother. Before long, you’ll feel like a member of the family!