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Jurgen UreƱa Arroyo

Jurgen Ureña

Jurgen Ureña is a Costa Rican filmmaker with a master's degree in creative documentary at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His short films have been shown in the film festivals of Cannes, Trieste, La Habana, Clermont-Ferrand, Washington and Cartagena, among others.

He has received awards in the exhibition of Film and Video Costarricense for Variations on a same crime (1999), Costa Rica is Pura Vida (2004), Mirages (2007), Reminiscing (2008), The tired skin (2008), She wore a yellow dress (2009), Faux pas (2010), and From sun to sun (2005).

Ureña also received the Áncora Award to the Best Audiovisual Production for the biennium 2005-2006, and was selected for the meeting of Central American Visual Arts “Doubtful Strait” (2006-2007). He has given lectures in international events dedicated to the visual arts as the Biennial of the Americas (Denver, United States; July 2010) and the meeting of critics and researchers Face Contact of PhotoEspaña (Montevideo, Uruguay; October 2010).

Jurgen Ureña's award-winning short film She wore a yellow dress

Ureña currently teaches lessons in cinema history and documentary at the School of Cinema and Television of Veritas University and works on the development of his first feature film, entitled Broken days.

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