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Costa Rica fall program schedule

Fall 2017

ACM Program Center option

August 19–December 1, 2017

  • August 19: Students arrive in San José
  • August 21: First day of classes
  • September 18: Depart for Nicaragua field trip*
  • September 22: Return to San José*
  • September 25: Depart for Community Engagement sites
  • October 23: Return to San José
  • December 1: Last day of classes
  • December 2: Students depart

*Nicaragua trip dates are tentative

ACM/UCR Dual Enrollment option

July 28–December 14, 2016 (tentative schedule)

  • July 28: Students arrive in San José
  • July 29: Orientation at UCR
  • August 8: First day of classes
  • November 26: Last day of classes
  • December 13: Last day of final exams
  • December 14: Students depart

Note: For students interested in the dual enrollment option at the Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), this option follows the calendar of the Costa Rican academic year, with students arriving in time to begin the second semester at UCR.