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Living Arrangements

Live with a host family and experience the warm hospitality of the Jordanian people. Host families live across Amman and are carefully selected by AMIDEAST staff to give students a taste of the diverse make-up of families in the Middle East.

As a guest in your family’s home, you’ll see how traditional and contemporary practices intertwine and how they relate to Jordanian culture as a whole.

Your host family will provide three daily meals, allowing you to enjoy the culinary delights of traditional Middle Eastern foods such as mansaf, maklouba, canafe, shawarma, and falafel. Your lunches will vary based on your class schedule, so you might take a homemade lunch with you, or grab something to eat from a falafel stand in Amman on your way to class.

At night you’ll sleep in a shared room with a roommate, either another member of your family or a fellow student.

Continue to learn Arabic outside of class

Even though most host families speak English, your homestay is the perfect space for you to practice your Arabic outside of class. You might converse with your family at the dinner table or during other family activities. 

Your home away from home

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