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Lucy Pipkin
Lawrence University

The Jordan program changed my outlook on the world. It allowed me to explore the food and culture of the region, gain unique knowledge on Islam and women's issues, and grow into a more confident person. 

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Nora Coghlan
Grinnell College

My host family was extremely kind and welcoming during my time in Jordan. I spent a lot of time chatting with my host mom and her friends, learning Arabic from my three-year-old host sister, and enjoying my host grandma's delicious cooking. 

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Sophia Goss
Lake Forest College

My host family was truly the most precious part of my time in Jordan. I was lucky enough to have a loving host mom. She indirectly taught me important lessons about Arab and Jordanian culture that could not be taught in a classroom.

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Sarah Sturm
Luther College

On the Jordan program, I completed a community practicum at the Jordan Tourism Board. It was a great way to experience a different aspect of the culture and to form relationships with Jordanians.

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