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Carol Flores Solano

Carol Flores Solano

Carol Flores Solano (Student Services Coordinator) is a linguist and Spanish teacher who has graduated from the University of Costa Rica with Bachelor of Spanish Philology, Bachelor of Castilian and Literature Teaching, and Master in Linguistics degrees. Currently she is working on her dissertation, titled Multimodality in Secondary, a research of social semiotics in educational contexts.

Carol has worked at the University of Costa Rica as an assistant professor for several linguistics courses: Applied Linguistics, Spanish Syntax I & II, Written Expression I & II, and Spanish Grammar for Modern Languages. She has also been an assistant in the Department of Linguistics and a researcher in several projects conducted by professors and by the Institute of Linguistic Research (INIL) at the university. She collaborated in the First Etymological Dictionary of Costa Rican Terms, where she researched etymologies of Costa Rican vocabulary to create their definitions for dictionary terms, and as a researcher in two projects on gastronomical terms in Costa Rica, including translating gastronomic terms and recipe names from varieties of Costa Rican Spanish and Creole English to American English.

In addition to her academic experience, Carol has taught Spanish to both foreigners and native speakers, and teaches private lessons to high school students. She has extensive experience teaching Spanish as a second language, including teaching individual lessons and classes for the ILERI Institute and the Summer Spanish Program for Tulane and Vanderbilt Universities. For three years she has taught ACM’s Spanish Grammar and Costa Rican Culture courses in coordination with Dr. Mario Morera.

Due to her background, Carol has experience teaching Spanish to young people and adults of all ages at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. She has created instructional materials for writing, reading, listening and speaking proficiency, and to improve specific abilities and educational needs that students suggest in class. She also has taught heritage speakers, who require a very particular approach in language teaching due to their specific bilingual conditions and cultural background.

As a professor, Carol aspires to share her native language and explore it with her students in all its possibilities, tonalities, gradations, and shades. In that way, she and her students can experience, in a more transcendental and complete sense, the great and unique human capacity for language.