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ACM Program Coordinator


Our Off-Campus Study Program Coordinator can answer most questions about the program or will put you in touch with someone who can!

Marlee Stein

Associated Colleges of the Midwest
11 E. Adams Street, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60603

Student Ambassadors

Want to know what it’s actually like to study away?

From picking a program to packing a bag, ACM’s Off-Campus Study Ambassadors have done it all and are happy to answer your questions. Connect with an ambassador on your campus or one from another college, and learn how you can have your own unforgettable off-campus study experience.

  • Gabby Rudolph, Emory University
    Majors: Neuroscience and behavioral biology

  • Yula Pinto, Lake Forest College
    Majors: Environmental studies and Spanish

  • Yvette Ramirez, Lake Forest College
    Major: Biology

  • Emma Fredrickson, Lawrence University
    Majors: Studio art; art history; Spanish; museum studies
    Favorite memory from Costa Rica: Hiking through La Selva Biological Station and meeting artist Jose Sancho.

  • Sophie Slocum, Monmouth College
    Major: Biopsychology for occupational therapy
    Favorite memory from Costa Rica: One day I decided to do a day trip on my own. I was staying at a hostel with friends and took off to visit a hot springs resort. While there I met so many different people from around the world, tried out all different kinds of hot springs and cool pools, and hiked 3 miles up the mountains to an observatory to view the Arenal Volcano. It was perhaps the most breathtaking and awesome moment in my life.

  • Andrea Jorissen, St. Olaf College
    Major: Chemistry

Faculty Advisors

How do ACM's courses and credits fit with your academic plan?

Credits are pre-approved at ACM schools. Talk to the program faculty advisor on your campus to learn more.

  1. Albion College
    Kyle Shanton
  2. Amherst College
    Rachel Levin
  3. Beloit College
    Jennifer Esperanza
  4. Carleton College
    Jose Cerna-Bazan
  5. Carleton College
    Mark McKone
  6. Coe College
    Harlo Hadow
  7. Colorado College
    Marc Snyder
  8. Cornell College
    Marty Condon
  9. Emory University
    Peggy Barlett
  10. Grinnell College
    Peter Jacobson
  11. Grinnell College
    Kathy Jacobson
  12. Grinnell College
    Yvette Aparicio
  13. Hope College
    Tom Bultman
  14. Knox College
    Julio Noriega
  15. Lake Forest College
    Lynn Westley
  16. Lawrence University
    Jodi Sedlock
  17. Luther College
    Eric Baack
  18. Macalester College
    Devavani Chatterjea
  19. Monmouth College
    Ken Cramer
  20. Oberlin College
    Baron Pineda
  21. Ripon College
    Soren Hauge
  22. St. Olaf College
    Kathy Shea
  23. The College of Idaho
    Chris Walser
  24. The College of Wooster
    Katherine Holt
  25. Washington and Lee University
    Larry Hurd

Off-Campus Study Offices

Need help preparing for off-campus study?

Contact your college’s Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad Office.