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Learn about Indian society through the lens of development. Engage with a wide range of social issues in your coursework and during a hands-on internship with a community organization in Pune.

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Lectures and discussions will draw on readings, guest speakers, and case studies, while program excursions and site visits will provide opportunities to enhance your understanding outside the classroom.

In your Development Studies Internship, you’ll spend a total of 150 hours as an intern with a not-for-profit, community-based organization in Pune whose work matches your academic interests. This inside, on-the-ground perspective complements your coursework and provides an opportunity for you to develop your skills in a workplace environment in a different culture.

In the program’s course on Development Economics, you’ll examine the effects of globalization and industrialization on different sectors of Indian society and explore how India is grappling with challenges such as poverty, access to education, availability of water and other resources, public health, infrastructure, and the environment.

Throughout your time in India, your cultural immersion in a homestay and studying the Hindi language connect your daily experiences with your academic learning, each reinforcing and enriching the other.