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Personal Expenses

To help you budget for additional out-of-pocket expenses in India, see an estimate of what ACM students have spent in the past. 

Sample Budget for a Quarter/Trimester or Semester in India

Passport $135



Pre-departure medical costs


Airfare (Chicago to Pune, round trip)


Local transportation²


Personal expenses³



Books and supplies $75
In-country travel to Jaipur (semester students only) $200–400

¹ Includes the cost of the visa plus certified mail shipping.

² Daily rickshaw rides from homestay to the ACM program center.

³ Includes personal travel and entertainment. See the cost of living in India for examples of common personal expenses.

* Accounts for the cost of lunches and incidental meals.

Cost of Living in India

As you look at the following cost estimates for common personal purchases in India, refer to for the current exchange rate between the US dollar and the Indian rupee (Rs).

Newspaper Rs. 5  
Rickshaw from host family to ACM program center Rs. 75 
Movie ticket Rs. 150 
Bottle of beer Rs. 70
Lunch near ACM Rs. 110
Sunscreen Rs. 180
Towel Rs. 200
Toothpaste Rs. 50
Feminine products Rs. 110
Ibuprofen Rs. 15
Shampoo Rs. 200
Soap Rs. 40
Notebook Rs. 100
Internet café/hour Rs. 15
Sari or other Indian dress Rs. 500
Travel during break Rs. 6,000–12,000

This page was updated on January 23, 2017.