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Living Arrangements

For many students, living with a host family is the most valuable part of their experience in India. It gives you a chance to participate in family celebrations, try traditional Indian cuisine, and get to know an Indian community.

Students live with families in residential neighborhoods throughout Pune. Another ACM student will be placed near your homestay location so you can commute to the ACM office together. Host families are carefully vetted by ACM India staff, and many have been hosting students for years. You will have your own room and access to laundry.

Each morning, you’ll have breakfast provided by your host family. You’ll then make your way to the ACM program site for classes. Your homestay could be within walking distance of the ACM office, or it could be a maximum of 45 minutes by auto rickshaw. The ACM office is in a popular area of the city for students and has a multitude of shops and restaurants nearby.

While students are required to provide their own lunch, they are encouraged to explore the local cuisine! Each day will end with dinner provided by your host family.

If you choose to study intensive Hindi for the final four weeks of the program, you'll also live with a host family in Jaipur. This allows you to meaningfully compare daily life in two unique regions of India.

Your home away from home

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