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Location & Facilities

Study the dynamics of a rapidly-growing global economy in India, a nation that’s opened itself to the outside world while remaining deeply committed to its ancient traditions. As you see high-tech urban centers coexisting with rural villages, you’ll notice the many contrasts in access to resources, education, and opportunity that exist in India.

India’s population of 1.2 billion people represents a multitude of religions, ethnicities, political states, languages, and art forms. India faces a variety of challenges, including a high poverty rate, wide economic disparities, and a declining natural environment that’s been affected by rapid industrialization. As India responds to these development-related issues, how can it create new opportunities for its people while determining its role on the world stage?

Experience Life in Two Dynamic Cities


You will live in the fast-paced, prosperous city of Pune in the state of Maharashtra. Historically, the city served as a site for Hindu resistance to British rule.

Now, Pune is an important center for the automobile and software industries, and also remains a cultural hub for the arts, entertainment, food, and recreation. You’ll soon see why leaders in the fields of art, music, dance, yoga, theatre, film, religion, politics, environmental science and social reform like to call this eclectic city their home. 

Pune, or “The Oxford of the East,” hosts a variety of universities and colleges and is a thriving center for student life. Your own classes will be based at the ACM office, located in a popular area for students and near a multitude of shops and restaurants.

The ACM office gives you access to classrooms, a student lounge, and wireless internet. You can also explore your resources beyond the program office, including museums, educational institutions, government offices, political organizations, business and labor groups, and cultural and social welfare agencies.

ACM's offices are in the same building as the Alliance Francaise de Pune.


Students on the semester program who elect to study intensive Hindi for the final four weeks of the program will pack up their bags before the spring break to spend a month living in Jaipur, a city located in the northwestern state of Rajasthan. Jaipur is one of the first planned cities in modern Asia, fondly known as the “Pink City” for the unique hue of its buildings.

The creatively-inclined can explore Jaipur’s numerous art, pottery, and jewelry shops. History buffs will admire Jaipur’s City Palace, Amer Fort, and other rich historical structures that give testament to the people who have lived there throughout the centuries.