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Independent Study Project

In Shanghai, explore a subject you’re passionate about through the independent study project (ISP). Whether you’re interested in manufacturing processes or want to dive into the complex world of overseas shipping, ISPs are self-designed to fit your research interests.

The ACM visiting faculty director will meet with you weekly during the semester to advise your independent study project. While students have a lot of freedom to choose a subject, the faculty director will help you root your project in the context of Shanghai while connecting you with local resources.

All students receive credit for the ISP, and many on-campus departments accept your work for major credit if you focus on a subject relevant to your major.

Recent projects

  • China’s Shared Economy: Shared Bicycle System in Shanghai (2017)
  • Colonial Legacy in Urban Development and Economic Growth in Shanghai (2017)
  • How They Suffer: Human Suffering in China (2017)
  • An Inquiry into China’s Transitioning Economy and Comparative Study of Local Consumer Spending and Savings Rates (2017)
  • Looking for Culture through Food (2017)
  • McDonald’s Abroad: Marketing Strategy in China (2017)
  • The One-Child Policy and The Leftover Children (2017)
  • WeChat in China (2017)
  • The Big Five and How It Affects Foreign Language Study (2016)
  • Chinese Sex Culture: A Prostitute with a Simple Dress (2016)
  • Family Planning in China (2016)
  • Photo Taking with Foreign Strangers: On Practice, Space and Fluid Social Relationships (2016)
  • The Relationship Between QR Codes and the Chinese Consumer (2016)
  • Studying Abroad in China: East China Normal University and its Benefits (2016)
  • Tourism War: An Analysis of a Growing Power Struggle in Cross-Strait Relations (2016)
  • China's Korea - Prosperity, Stability and a Buffer (2015)
  • Diagou - To Be Continued? Or Finished? (2015)
  • The Effect of Rapid Transit Systems on Residential Real Estate: A Cross-Sectional Examination of Shanghai (2015)
  • Fast Fashion Brands in China: How Conspicuous Consumption Affected Chinese Consumers' Behavior (2015)
  • The Irrationality of Brand Preferences Among Chinese Consumers (2015)
  • Lack of Religion in China: A Possible Causation Behind the Failure of Social Enterprise Organization in China (2015)
  • The People's Reaction to a Government Controlled Media in China (2015)
  • The Perception of Happiness Across the Pacific: China vs. USA (2015)