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Location & Facilities

Spend a semester in Shanghai, a centuries-old trading town that now serves as the modern and booming financial capital of China. As more Chinese residents move to urban areas, the social, political, and economic landscape continues to change.

In Shanghai, see how global cities can balance growth with a high quality of life.

Witness the city's evolution by comparing stately colonial buildings along the Bund with modern skyscrapers in Pudong. You'll grow familiar with the area as you explore everything from Chinese cuisine to the thriving communities in the Old City's backstreets.

Shanghai is an ideal location to study the issues facing contemporary China, from natural resource management to public health standards. The city's banks, financial institutions, and corporate headquarters also attract a huge international population. Throughout the semester, you'll understand how global cities can balance economic growth with a high quality of life for its residents. 

East China Normal University (ECNU)

Study in the heart of Shanghai at East China Normal University (ECNU). ECNU is internationally recognized for its role in research and Chinese language studies, and it welcomes thousands of international students each year.

There’s a reason why ECNU is referred to as the “Garden University.” On your way to class, take in the eclectic mix of greenery and historic buildings throughout the Zhongbei campus. When you need a change of pace, hop onto the metro and explore new parts of the city between your classes.

As a registered student at the university, you’ll have access to campus libraries, computer labs, international student residence halls, cafeterias, and a health clinic.

“I had the best time in Shanghai attending classes and meeting new people at one of the top universities in China. The ECNU campus was beyond my imagination, from someone who attends a private liberal arts college in the middle of cornfields. Everywhere surrounding the campus was busy and crowded; however, the campus itself was peaceful and studious. There are also many student organizations available for international students. It felt like my home away from home.”

—Jinglin Feng, Knox College, Integrated international studies major