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Faculty & Staff

Chinese language courses are taught by ECNU instructors from the well-respected International College of Chinese Studies, which is one of the national centers for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language.

Typically, a faculty member from an ACM college serves as the program’s visiting faculty director. The director teaches a course related to China in her or his academic specialty as one of the elective courses you can choose at ECNU. He or she will also participate in orientation activities when you arrive in Shanghai, mentor you in your independent study project, and help arrange local excursions and activities.

The research centers at ECNU draw highly-qualified faculty, many of whom went abroad as students themselves and are familiar with the challenges of crossing cultures, in the classroom and in the community. The elective courses you select will also be open to other international students at ECNU, and the teaching style is likely to be more traditional and lecture-based than is typical of courses at your home college.

Shiwei Chen


Dr. Shiwei Chen

Visiting Faculty Director, Fall 2018

Lake Forest College, History and Asian Studies