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Faculty & Staff

A professor from an ACM college typically serves as visiting faculty director of the program, teaching a course in her/his specialty as part of the PUC-Rio Brazilian Culture curriculum and supervising the students’ optional independent study projects. You are encouraged to enroll in the ACM visiting faculty member’s course.

Your elective courses and the required Portuguese as a Second Language course are taught by PUC-Rio faculty, who have experience teaching students from colleges in the US and other countries. PUC-Rio was the first university in Brazil to offer Portuguese as a Second Language and has provided strong support for international students through its International Programs Office for more than 20 years.

PUC-Rio Administration

Angela Maria de Randolpho Paiva, Ph.D.
Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs - International Programs
Foto de Ricardo Borges Alencar Ricardo Borges Alencar
Deputy Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Foto de Danilo Marcondes Danilo Marcondes, Ph.D.
Central Coordinator for internationalization
Foto de Marcos Lesbaupin Marcos Lesbaupin
Partnership Supervisor
Foto de Kledson Jonio Kledson Jonio

Carla Rodrigues
Office Manager

Thiago Santana
Foto de Denis Neves Denis Neves
IT Support

Incoming Student Coordination

Linda Cristina Sousa
Senior Advisor for International Students
Foto de Mário Simões Mário Simões
International students supervisor
Foto de Christine Duarte Christine Duarte
International Program Assistant
Foto de Leonardo Dias Leonardo Dias
Housing & Student Services

Outgoing Student Coordination

Foto de Nancy Guimarães Nancy Guimarães
Senior Advisor for PUC-Rio Students
Foto Renan Brito Renan Brito
PUC-Rio Students Supervisor
Foto de Daniel Castro Daniel Castro
Senior Advisor for Short Term Programs
Foto Guilherme Nascimento Guilherme Nascimento
PUC-Rio Student's Service