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The Comprehensive Fee for the Fall 2021 ACM Field Museum Semester is $22,000. This fee covers educational costs of $18,000 plus a program fee of $4,000.

The educational costs include the academic curriculum and program-sponsored field trips and excursions. The program fee covers housing and local transportation. A non-refundable deposit of $50, payable to the ACM, is due upon acceptance and will be applied toward housing and transportation costs. The $50 non-refundable deposit will be applied toward the program fee. An additional $200 housing deposit is required and will be refunded upon completion of the ACM Field Museum Semester provided that no additional cleaning or special repairs are required for the student’s apartment. Students are responsible for organizing their transportation to and from Chicago.

The total cost depends on the policies of your home college. Many colleges assess additional fees or charge students full home college tuition instead of the ACM educational costs. This typically relates to expenses for academic support services and the awarding of academic credit and/or financial aid. Please consult your Financial Aid office or Off-Campus Study office for more details about your college's policies, and to find out what you will be charged for the program.