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Learning Objectives & Outcomes

All ACM colleges are grounded in the liberal arts tradition, and this educational commitment extends to ACM off-campus study programs. By participating in one of these programs, you’ll benefit from studying in a new location that combines experiential, place-based learning with academic purpose similar to your home campus as you pursue the program's learning goals.

In each program you’ll enjoy small class sizes, allowing you to work closely with faculty and other students. You’ll also live in housing and participate in activities that provide everyday opportunities to connect course-based learning with the local community and culture.

You’ll find that the learning objectives and outcomes of each ACM program reflect these liberal arts educational values.

The London & Florence: Arts in Context program engages you in questions of history, culture, and interpretations of the past through a comparative study of painting, sculpture, architecture, the performing arts, and literature in two world-renowned cities. The program curriculum, excursions, and activities are designed to intersect in the two locations.

Program learning objectives:

  • Develop your understanding of the artistic and cultural heritage and present-day complexities of interpretation of two European cities, London and Florence.
  • Enhance your critical thinking skills and specifically your ability to explore and reflect on the life of a city through its artistic media.
  • Develop your intercultural awareness in both an English-speaking milieu and in a country where English is not the medium of communication.

When you complete the program, you should be able to compare two major European cities in terms of their broad cultural and social histories, apply skills in the visual analysis of art and architecture and the critical analysis of literary texts, and demonstrate a working command of Italian language.