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Administrative Assistant in London

ACM seeks an Administrative Assistant in London for the spring 2019 London & Florence program. The Administrative Assistant receives a stipend of $250 for working a total of 15-20 hours over the course of a half-semester (seven weeks). Participation in the spring 2019 London & Florence program is required for this position. Both semester and trimester students are welcome to apply.

Once on-site, the Administrative Assistant will respond directly to the Visiting Faculty Director. Marlee Stein, ACM Off-Campus Study Program Coordinator, supervises the assistant remotely from the ACM office.

Note: You may also apply separately for the half-semester Administrative Assistant position in Florence

Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting with the move-in and orientation process.
  • Organizing reading material for courses.
  • Helping to plan logistics for program-organized site visits, theatre performances, and group activities.

Required skills:

  • Familiarity with Windows, Mac, and Microsoft Office
  • Good time management skills and flexibility

Application Instructions

Spring 2019 application deadline: December 1, 2018

Students must submit the following application materials to ocs@acm.eduPlease submit all materials in ONE document (Word or PDF).

  • A cover letter (1 page) responding to the following questions:
    1. Why do you want this position?
    2. How will your skills and past experiences be helpful in this position? Please reference any cross-cultural knowledge or experience that may be relevant.
    3. How will you balance this work opportunity with the other academic demands and cultural opportunities of the program?
  • Resume
  • Name and contact information of one reference (preferably a supervisor from a previous job)