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Faculty & Staff


The program in London is led by a faculty member from an ACM college who serves as the Visiting Faculty Director.

London resident Dr. Andrew Kennedy will be your instructor for two of the program’s courses: Collecting the World in London and London as Visual Text. He currently teaches at the University of London as well as the ACM, and has extensive experience teaching about aspects of London and British history for a variety of British and American colleges over the years.

 Amy Weldon  

Amy Weldon

Visiting Faculty Director, Spring 2019
Luther College, English


Andrew Kennedy


Jane Passes

Jane Passes

Administrative Coordinator


In Florence, you’ll study with dedicated on-site faculty, a visiting professor from an ACM college, and respected local artists, arts professionals, and instructors.

Program Director and art historian Josephine Mariotti has more than 25 years of experience teaching US students in Florence. Your other Renaissance art, history, music, and philosophy courses will be taught by resident faculty and a visiting ACM faculty member.

While you will learn about daily life in Italian society both in and out of the classroom, you will also have lessons with experienced, native-speaking instructors at the Linguaviva language school. These instructors will develop your Italian language abilities while enhancing your overall understanding of Italy as a country.

Josephine (Jodie) Rogers Mariotti

Program Director & Instructor in Art History


Rosita Cirri  

Program Coordinator

Alessandro Vidoni

Director, Scuola Linguaviva