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Previous Florence Affiliated Scholars

The following professors served as affiliated scholar in Florence for London & Florence: Arts in Context in previous years.

Semester/Year Faculty Member College Academic Department(s)
Spring 2016 Andrew Whitfield Luther College Music
Spring 2015 Linda Horowitz Lake Forest College Communication
Spring 2014 Chuck Lewis Beloit College English
Spring 2013 Brian Baugh Monmouth College Art
Spring 2012 Ruth Caldwell Luther College Modern Languages and Literatures
Spring 2011 Tom Sienkewicz Monmouth College Classics
Spring 2010 Diane Mockridge Ripon College History
Spring 2009 Nicholas Regiacorte Knox College English
Spring 2008 Particia Vilches Lawrence University Spanish and Italian
Spring 2007 Ellen Mease Grinnell College Theatre
Spring 2006 W. Rand Smith Lake Forest College Politics
Spring 2005 Jeffrey Hoover Coe College Philosophy
Spring 2004 Marie Daniels Colorado College Romance Languages
Spring 2003 Robert Warde Macalester College English
Spring 2002 Salvatore Bizzaro Colorado College Spanish
Spring 2001 Pericles Georges Lake Forest College History
Spring 2000 Susan Ashley Colorado College History
  Robert Lee Colorado College Political Science
Spring 1999 J. Patrick Polley Beloit College Physics
Spring 1998 Diane Mockridge Ripon College History