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London & Florence: Arts in Context

London, U.K. & Florence, Italy

United Kingdom

Explore the arts in two of the world’s most exciting cultural capitals. By the time you’ve lived in a London flat with roommates, stayed with an Italian host family, and explored renowned European art, architecture, theatre, and literature, you’ll understand the important role of London and Florence in Western culture.


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  • 18-week spring semester (early January–May)
  • 15-week spring semester (late January–May)
  • 10-week winter quarter/trimester (early January–mid-march)

Who can apply

Undergraduates from any four-year US college or university

Living arrangements

Students live together in residential flats in London and in homestays with Italian host families in Florence.

Courses & credits

Courses and recommended credit vary depending on the calendar option you choose and the amount of time you spend in each city.* See course descriptions

  • 18-week semester: Begin in either London or Florence; switch cities after 10 weeks
  • 15-week semester: Begin in either London or Florence; seven weeks in each city
  • 10-week winter/quarter trimester: One city only, either London or Florence

*Note: The spring 2018 London & Florence program will offer a single cohort that begins in Florence and ends in London. Learn more 

Language requirement

No prerequisites. Except for the required Italian language course, all classes are conducted in English.


Program brochure
Program handbook - Spring 2018

Application deadlines

If the deadline has passed and you are interested in applying, contact the ACM Office immediately. Late applications may be accepted on a space-available basis.


Michael Vertovec, Senior Program Administrator
180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2020, Chicago, IL 60601
312.561.5934 /

Explore the program

Experience arts and culture outside the classroom

“Attending a historical studio in Florence; seeing incredible shows at the greatest British theaters; visiting palaces, museums, and Parliament; living in the beautiful Clifton Gardens in London; and staying with a lovely host family in Italy were all incredible and unforgettable.”

HaYe Jun, St. Olaf College, studio art and political science major

Balance your in-class academic studies with immersive experiences in London, Florence, and beyond. After exploring the historical context of these cities, you’ll understand how they have evolved artistically over time.

Become a confident and independent student traveler

“The London & Florence program gave me the opportunity and security I needed to be truly alone with myself and to learn how to trust myself again. I re-discovered the wonder of my life and found new curiosity in the world.”

Sarah Brown, Ripon College, history and English major

As you navigate two major cities on a daily basis and travel to other places in Europe on personal excursions, what do you think you’ll learn about yourself as a student, a future professional, and an individual?

Dive into the world of museum studies

“We’ll be looking at different forms of museum use and analyzing how different forms of meaning are attributed to objects. These are skills that will apply in all academic areas. You’ll develop a set of critical tools to analyze visual culture and to do media studies, which connects to cultural studies, literature, history and art history, anthropology, sociology, religion.”

—Andrew Kennedy, Instructor, Collecting the World in London and London as Visual Text

Choose from an exciting selection of new courses in museum studies! Analyze why humans like to collect, question the ethics of collecting on an institutional scale, and examine the greater impact that museums have on culture.

Once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Meghan Beltmann
Coe College

Before going on the London & Florence program, I had barely traveled outside the Midwest; now I have visited more than a dozen countries and have a career in international education.

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Sarah Brown
Ripon College

The London & Florence program gave me the opportunity and security I needed to be truly alone with myself and to learn how to trust myself again. I re-discovered the wonder of my life and found new curiosity in the world.

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Lee Homan
Ripon College

My semester on the London & Florence program was the most eye-opening experience of my life to this point. Whether you are hanging out at Speaker's Corner at Hyde Park in London or people watching in a busy piazza in Florence, you are sure to gain a whole new perspective on the world.

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