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Get ready for a semester that is both physically and academically challenging, where you will gain training and firsthand knowledge of how to design, implement, and report on a project in the social or natural sciences.

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Your cultural immersion in east Africa is based in northern Tanzania. There, you'll study Swahili language and Tanzanian culture to develop basic skills to engage with your homestay family and other local residents.

The program director will teach a research methods course, covering topics on how to frame an answerable question, find appropriate data, write a proposal, and conduct a field investigation. You will also take two courses specific to Northern Tanzania and field excursions in Ecology and Cultural Anthropology. 

Field Practicum

Throughout the program, you and your fellow students will pursue a special project on topics related to ecology, biology, geology, or cultural anthropology. If your interest is in the sciences, you will draw on the unique combination of resources and wildlife found in Tanzanian national parks. If your research questions are based in anthropology or sociology, you will be introduced to local communities to engage in studies as a partner with the local population.

You’ll spend the semester planning, gathering data through observation or on-site interviews, assessing what you have discovered, and collaborating with your fellow students in a community of site-based inquiry.

During the last few weeks of the program, you will prepare your project paper, complete your courses and exams, and present your research to your peers and members of the community.

“The program gives students a very complex project that they have to work all the way through, and I think that’s really empowering. In the future, these students will say ‘I can do this,’ and they won’t be intimidated by it. Doing a complex project is going to help them no matter what they do in the future, and that’s the whole idea of a liberal arts education.”

—Professor Jim Ebersole, Colorado College, visiting faculty director for the Tanzania program