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ACM strives to make off-campus study a great value for students by offering affordable programs that are academically excellent and focused on experiential learning.

The educational cost ACM charges for the Tanzania program includes:

  • The academic curriculum
  • A two-week safari to Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater and other ecologically-significant areas
  • Visits to major paleoanthropological field sites such as Laetoli and Olduvai Gorge
  • Overnight visits to a Maasai village

Final Term Fall 2018

Cost Information for Tanzania: Ecology & Human Origins

  • If you are a student at an ACM college, the program educational cost that ACM charges students and their college is automatically discounted by 10%.
  • If you are a student at a college that is affiliated with the program, ACM discounts the program educational cost by 5%.

Applying for an ACM program is free. Educational costs for your semester in Tanzania will vary based on your individual financial aid package and your school’s procedures, as schools may charge based on either the cost of the ACM program or the college’s tuition price. Additionally, some schools may assess special fees for off-campus study.

Fall 2018 semester

Full price 5% Discount for Affiliated Colleges 10% Discount for ACM Colleges
Educational Costs* $18,600 $17,700 $16,700
Program Fee** $1,200  $1,200 $1,200
Campus tuition charges and/or fees*** Varies Varies Varies

Tanzania program fall 2018 semester prices shown here are subject to change; final prices will be set by December 2017.

See the Tanzania program personal expenses webpage for a sample budget and estimated costs of commonly purchased items in Tanzania.


* Discounts apply to educational costs only. Program-sponsored field trips and excursions are included in the educational costs.
** The program fee covers housing, partial meals, and CISI medical insurance. The $50 non-refundable deposit will be applied toward the program fee.
*** Many colleges assess additional fees or charge students full home college tuition instead of the ACM educational costs. This typically relates to expenses for academic support services and the awarding of academic credit and/or financial aid. Please consult your Financial Aid office or Off-Campus Study office for more details about your college's policies, and to find out what you will be charged for the program.

Paid Assistant Position in Tanzania

ACM offers paid assistant positions at consortial off-campus study sites, including Tanzania, so you can have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and earn a stipend during your study away program. The positions are awarded through a competitive application process.

The following position is available for students participating in the Tanzania program in fall 2018:

Additional Information

This webpage was updated on July 26, 2018.