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Living Arrangements


During your time in Usa River, you’ll live with a Tanzanian host family with another ACM student. Staying with a local family will give you insight into the hospitality at the center of contemporary Tanzanian society.

Your homestay family also gives you the chance to practice Swahili and talk about things you saw or heard on the street, adding new vocabularly along the way. And, chances are, your family is just as interested in getting to know more about your culture as you are in learning about theirs!

“Staying with my host dad was something so unique and fun that I will never forget. The Tanzanian people are some of the most carefree, helpful, and enjoyable people I have ever met, and I do hope that I can go back some day!”

Matt Biwer, Ripon College, anthropology, history, and biology major

Campsite in the Field

Experience the camping trip of a lifetime! Live in the Tanzanian fields for two weeks at mobile campsites during the 10-day field excursion early in the semester and four weeks at Wild Palms campsite during the field practicum. Meals will be cooked by safari staff at the campsite.