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Passport & Visa

Apply for a passport several months before leaving for the program

You will need to have a passport to travel to Tanzania, and it should be valid for at least six months beyond the end of the program. If you do not now have a passport and are an American citizen, review the information on the US Department of State website and apply for a passport several months before you will leave for the program. If you are a citizen of another country and need to renew your passport, contact the nearest consulate or embassy.

If you hold a US passport, you will need to obtain a visa either before traveling to Tanzania or at the port of entry in Tanzania. Following your acceptance to the program, the ACM office will provide information about completing the visa options. Applying for the visa requires submitting your passport with the visa application during June and July, so do not plan any travel requiring a passport during the three months prior to the beginning of the program.

If you are an international student studying in the United States, contact the ACM office for information about a visa and any required documents to study in Tanzania.