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ACM Program Coordinator


Our Off-Campus Study Program Coordinator can answer most questions about the program or will put you in touch with someone who can!

Marlee Stein

Associated Colleges of the Midwest
11 E. Adams Street, Suite 800
Chicago, IL 60603

Student Ambassadors

Want to know what it’s actually like to study away?

From picking a program to packing a bag, ACM’s Off-Campus Study Ambassadors have done it all and are happy to answer your questions. Connect with an ambassador on your campus or one from another college, and learn how you can have your own unforgettable off-campus study experience.

Faculty Advisors

How do ACM's courses and credits fit with your academic plan?

Credits are pre-approved at ACM schools. Talk to the program faculty advisor on your campus to learn more.

  1. Albion College
    Brad Chase
  2. Beloit College
    Sue Swanson
  3. Bucknell University
    Mark Spiro
  4. Carleton College
    Thabiti Willis
  5. Coe College
    Paula Sanchini
  6. Colorado College
    Marc Snyder
  7. Cornell College
    Marty Condon
  8. Grinnell College
    Vicki Bentley-Condit
  9. Hope College
    Tom Bultman
  10. Knox College
    James Mountjoy
  11. Knox College
    Jennifer Templeton
  12. Lake Forest College
    Les Dlabay
  13. Lawrence University
    Peter Peregrine
  14. Luther College
    Lori Stanley
  15. Macalester College
    Paul Overvoorde
  16. Monmouth College
    James Godde
  17. Ohio Wesleyan University
    Randy Quaye
  18. Ripon College
    Memuna Khan
  19. St. Olaf College
    Abdulai Iddrisu
  20. The College of Wooster
    David McConnell
  21. University of Chicago
    Russell Tuttle

Off-Campus Study Offices

Need help preparing for off-campus study?

Contact your college’s Off-Campus Study/Study Abroad Office.