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Lisa Tongxin Chen

Lisa Tongxin Chen

Lisa Tongxin Chen

Cornell College

Participant in the 2011 ACM Student Symposium on Off-Campus Study

  • Program: Cornell College Fellowship Program, Beijing, China - Summer 2010
  • Graduation: May 2012
  • Majors: International Relations, Politics, and Women's Studies


A Glimpse of China's Future: Dealing with HIV/AIDS and Public Sanitation

I spent the summer of 2010 in Beijing, China, working for the Red Cross Society of China. I worked as an intern for the program management office, dealing specifically with HIV/AIDS and public sanitation outreach projects in many parts of the rural provinces in China.


At left: Video of Lisa Chen's presentation at the Symposium.


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 The most influential part of my internship was when my supervisor and I went to visit one of the rural provinces to complete an onsite visitation for the one of Red Cross projects. We went to visit clinics that the Red Cross established to help extremely impoverished families stricken with HIV/AIDS better handle their illness. Visiting these clinics gave me a renewed sense of hope and excitement to see what is to come in the future for these incredibly under developed provinces, where the primary concern for government officials in the last decade has been the droughts, rather than controlling the spread of HIV/AIDS.

This internship opportunity was indubitably a life-changing experience for me, as it allowed me to receive a better grasp about the current HIV/AIDS and sanitation issues that Chinese citizens are facing, as well as gain a new set of perspectives that altered many of my career goals and aspirations for the future.

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