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Athletic Directors

The Athletic Directors from the 14 ACM institutions have worked together to schedule and promote the consortial athletic competitions. Through their annual meeting and additional conversations throughout the year, the group has developed an exciting schedule of competitions in women's volleyball and men's and women's soccer.

"There are so many similarities amongst the ACM institutions that it's natural we would want to compete against each other athletically. Students benefit from meeting students just like them and that have a strong desire to compete not only athletically but academically. The ACM is made up of some of the best national liberal arts institutions in the country who compete for the best students but also come together to enhance the experiences of those students. Competing athletically, I think, unites our bond with our fellow ACM partners."

- Chad Eisele, Director of Athletics, Knox College

"At Coe, we believe that competition between ACM institutions has provided us with an opportunity to participate in athletic events with other "like" institutions, who may not otherwise be on our schedule. It has also provided interaction between student-athletes off the field within the ACM schools. All in all, it has been a very positive experience."

- John Chandler, Athletic Director, Coe College