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Student Photo & Film Contests

Beginning in 2008 as part of Associated Colleges of the Midwest's 50th Anniversary celebration, ACM sponsored its Off-Campus Study Photo Contest, inviting students to share images and impressions  gathered while studying in locations around the world.

Building on students' enthusiastic participations submitting and voting on prize-winning photos, in 2016 and 2018 ACM sponsored student-authored film conferences and contests.

Here are 10 years' worth of powerful stories and transformed perspectives that resulted from students' study away experiences and creative film endeavors.

2016-17:  First Prize, Smile for the Tourists by Leigh Anne Hahn, St. Olaf College

2016 Film Festival
2015-16:  First Prize, The Blessing by Madeline Huff, Coe College
2014-15:  First Prize, A Learning Moment by Mark Muniz, Knox College
2013-14: First Prize, Girls in the Shambaas by Abby Guthmann, Lawrence University

2012-13: First Prize, Couscous by Xavier Al-Mateen, Lawrence University
2011-12: First Prize, Day's End by Jake Reznick, Carleton College

2010-11: First Prize, Whirling Dervishes at Sunset by Anna Carlson Schattauer, St. Olaf College 

2009-10: First Prize, Working on Manhood by Anais Gude, Colorado College
2008-09: First Prize, A Long Car Ride by Kevin Close, Carleton College


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