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2nd Place

The Color of Pride

Yuxuan Feng, Colorado College

Brazil: Culture, Community, & Language at PUC-Rio, Fall 2017

"On November 19, 2017, the 22nd Gay Pride Parade was held at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The theme of the parade was Resistência (Resistance), which reflected the attitudes of the LGBTQ+ community towards Brazilian political leanings towards the left." 


Q&A with Yuxuan Feng, 2nd Place Winner

Along with the description you provided with the photo, is there anything else you’d like to say about your experience at the time you took the photo?

This year’s Rio Pride suffered a lot of pressure because the city stopped sponsoring this event, which usually covered half of the budget of the Pride. This is an important negative political signal for the LGBT+ community. So, I indeed respected Rio’s LGBT+ community for making this event happen.

Did you often take photos in Brazil? If so, how do you think taking photos impacted your program experience?

Yes. The process of taking photos is highly selective. Each element, time, weather, character, event, or emotion could influence the narrative of the story behind the picture. When I kept reflecting on the value I want to express or spread through the pictures, I learned more about Brazilian culture and more about myself. 

Since you’ve returned from the program, have you been glad that you took photos while you were there? Is there a photo that you wish you had taken – a moment you wish you had captured – while you were off campus?

Definitely. Those photos I took in Rio are my treasures. There was one moment I didn’t have a chance to capture; it was before I left Rio, and one of my friends in Rio promised to prepare my favorite pão for me. At that moment, I indeed wanted to take a picture for her to record this precious relationship.

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