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3rd Place

Nuns at Umm Qais

Frances Kelliher, Beloit College

Jordan: Middle East & Arabic Language Studies, Fall 2017

"I took this photo in Umm Qais, Jordan. Umm Qais is in the northern part of the country and usually you are able to see the Sea of Galilee, Lake Tiberias, the Golan Heights, and Syria. Umm Qais is a popular tourist destination due to both its amazing views and its association with the biblical stories of Jesus driving demons out of a man."


Q&A with Frances Kelliher, 3rd Place Winner

What were some of your most memorable moments during your semester in Jordan?

One of the most memorable moments/events was actually outside of the country when some friends and I went to Hebron, Palestine. We went on a tour of the city with Youth Against Settlements (YAS) which is a grassroots organization based in Hebron. I’ve been learning about Palestine for a few years and seeing the illegal settlements in Hebron was the first time that the theory and readings all clicked and connected to real life. While we were eating lunch at the YAS house, there was an Israeli soldier patrolling just about 10 yards away and it was so unsettling to see how normalized the surveillance of the occupation is in Palestinian life. 

Since you’ve returned from the program, have you been glad that you took photos while you were there? Is there a photo that you wish you had taken – a moment you wish you had captured – while you were off campus?

Yes, I am so so glad I have lots of photos! I loved sharing photos with my grandma! It was really special to do this because she is 94 and never really had the opportunity to travel, but I get to share all of my adventures with her. I do wish I had more photos of my everyday life in Amman, but the city became so normal to me that I didn’t really think of taking them everyday!

What is one piece of advice you'd give to a student who's thinking about going on the ACM Jordan program?

Go to Wadi Rum more than once if you can!! And get to know your host family! My host mom, Shireen, really made the experience great, even when I got sick and was having a hard time. The really beautiful historic places are important but hanging out and having Thursday dinners with my host family were what made the semester so special. 

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