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1st Place

The Blessing

by Madeline Huff, Coe College

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Place taken: Florence, Italy
ACM Program: Florence: Arts, Humanities, & Culture, Fall 2015

The Blessing by  Madeline Huff

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Photo by Madeline Huff, Coe College

What Madeline Huff wrote about her photo:

The Blessing

This is a statue of a saint inside the church of Santissima Annunziata in Florence, Italy. This church was built in the 13th century, and this statue was part of the redesigns during the baroque period (17th century). We were standing behind this statue and the surreality of the radiating light caught my attention, as did the way his hand is permanently raised to bless his viewers.

About the photographer:

Madeline Huff

Madeline Huff

Madeline Huff, Coe College, Class of 2017
Major: Studio Art

Q: How did studying art in Florence and other cities in Italy enhance your understanding, knowledge, and overall academic experience?

Studying in Florence was really unique because I was learning about all of these famous works of art and architecture while having that actual work in front of me. We weren't sitting in a classroom staring at a projection screen, we were actually standing in front of countless works by so many classical artists. That made it feel so much more real and tangible, and really helped with my art history studies.

Q: Since you’ve returned from the program, have you been glad that you took photos while you were there?

I am so glad I took as many photos as I did. I use my photos to aid and stimulate my memories, so I always end up taking a lot, and I'm thankful for them when, several years later, I'll look through an old album and be reminded of all the great experiences I had.

Q: Is there a photo that you wish you had taken — a moment you wish you had captured — while you were off campus?

The only photo I regret not taking is a good photo of my host mother, Anna. She's a single woman in her 60s, and she's so sweet, considerate, and sassy. She was one of the best parts of my experience abroad, and she was one of the main reasons I was so eager to learn more Italian, so I could communicate with her as much as possible. I only have one photo of her and it's not very good, so I wish I had taken a few more.

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