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3rd Place


by Abbey Thomsen, St. Olaf College

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Place taken: Prague, Czech Republic
ACM Program: London & Florence: Arts in Context, Spring 2015

Prague by Abbey Thomsen, St. Olaf College

This photo may not be reproduced or used in any way without the express, written consent of the photographer.

Photo by Abbey Thomsen, St. Olaf College

What Abbey Thomsen wrote about her photo:


Walking around the outskirts of Prague’s city center, one would never know what exists inside. The exterior feels drab and mysterious, but as you approach the Old Town Square, the city comes to life. The Town Square is rich in Czech culture and livelihood. Filled with couples young and old, families, children, jazz bands, street performers, colorful architecture, mulled wine stands and fresh baked trdelník, the square looks and feels truly magical.

About the photographer:

Abbey Thomsen

Abbey Thomsen

Abbey Thomsen, St. Olaf College, Class of 2016
Major: Art History

Q: Did you visit Prague during the week between London & Florence? Where else did you travel? Did you feel like that travel week enriched your program experience overall, and if so, how?

Yes, I traveled to Prague during my spring break in-between my time in Florence and London. I also went to Amsterdam. I was so grateful to have had a full week to travel. Although weekend trips were very fulfilling, and highly recommended, having a full week of travel allowed me to dive deeper and gain a broader perspective of what life is like in Prague and Amsterdam. On top of that, I learned a lot about myself that week and grew independently as I managed to get myself from Florence to Prague to Amsterdam to London. Traveling alone in Europe is great for character building.

Q: Since you’ve returned from the program, have you been glad that you took photos while you were there?

I’m very happy to have so many memories documented, yes. That said, I wish someone had told me not to get so preoccupied with taking a good photograph. There are some moments you have abroad that are too special to be documented. I have a few of those memories engrained in my head, and sometimes I wish I had more.