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Honorable Mention

These ten photos were awarded Honorable Mention in the 2008-09 ACM Off-Campus Study Photo Contest.

Click on a thumbnail to see a larger image and the photo description provided by the student.

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Ben Barclay

Carleton College


Sarah Diefendorf

Colorado College


Tabitha Hrynick

Colorado College



Ellen Kokontis

Knox College

Bula Fiji!

Ashleigh Martinez

Lake Forest College

Rural Transportation

Jeannette Osterweil

Colorado College



Myka Peterson

Cornell College

Stone Town Hopes

Kathleen Quigley

Monmouth College

Botas de hule y pies descalzos (Rubber Boots and Bare Feet)

Karen Skadow

Monmouth College


The Spice of Life

Amelia Sternitzky

Ripon College