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Application Guide & Campus Contacts

GSEF Application Guide

Refer to the GSEF Application Guide for information about applying for an Graduate School Exploration Fellowship (GSEF), including:

  • Criteria for eligibility;
  • A list of required application materials and instructions for completing them;
  • Submitting recommendations;
  • The faculty mentor matching process; and
  • Receiving a summer research offer.

ACM Campus Contacts

Contact the designated point person on your campus for information on how to apply for a GSEF.

Please turn in your completed GSEF Application (see below to download the application) to the designated person on your campus. Your ACM campus coordinator will also be able to answer questions regarding the internal due date and individual college selection process.

ACM college

Campus point person(s) for GSEF Application Submission


Beloit College

Jesse Carr 

Beloit College GSEF webpage

Carleton College

Bill North and Marynel Ryan Van Zee

Carleton College GSEF webpage

Coe College

Katie Rodgers


Colorado College

Lisa Schwartz

Colorado College GSEF webpage

Cornell College

Erin Davis

Cornell College GSEF application login page

Grinnell College

Al Lacson


Knox College

Sara Kitsch


Lake Forest College

Ashley Sinclair

Lake Forest College GSEF webpage

Lawrence University

Kia Thao

Lawrence University GSEF webpage

Luther College

Elizabeth Steding

Luther College GSEF webpage

Macalester College

Karin Vélez and Matt Katsaros 

Macalester College GSEF webpage

Monmouth College

Kasia Bartoszynska 

Monmouth College GSEF webpage

Ripon College

Ed Wingenbach


St. Olaf College

Melissa Melgar

St. Olaf College GSEF webpage

Ready to apply?

Download the GSEF Application


For questions about the GSEF program, contact Lilly Lavner, ACM Liaison for the Fellows Program to Diversify the Professoriate, or visit the FAQ page.

These fellowships and the Undergraduate and Faculty Fellows Program for a Diverse Professoriate are supported by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.