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GSEF Fellows - Cohort 3

2017 Annual Summit

Discussion during research presentations by GSEF fellows at the 2017 Annual Summit.

Students have been selected by their colleges for the third cohort to receive Graduate School Exploration Fellowships (GSEF). They will begin their participation in the program at the Annual Summit in Chicago on August 13-16, 2018.

During the next two years these GSEF fellows will have on-campus mentoring and activities and will engage in a paid summer research internship in 2019 on the campus of a Big Ten Academic Alliance institution or the University of Chicago.

Beloit College

Hana Hassanpourgol
Major: International Relations; religious studies 

Hayden Lamphere
Major: History

Carleton College

Grisel Vidal-Munoz
Major: Psychology

Coe College

Mia Resa
Major: Psychology

Kaylee Skweres
Major: African American Studies

Colorado College

Martina Alvarez
Majors: English; creative writing

Valeria Peralta
Major: Russian studies

Cornell College

John Bogucki
Major: Psychology

Kourtney Ellis
Majors: History; secondary education

Grinnell College

Sofia Martinez
Major: Political science

Langston Thomas
Major: Political science

Tin Tran
Majors: Anthropology; biological chemistry

Knox College

Soko Cheng
Major: Sociolology

Brenda Hernandez
Majors: Economics; psychology

Lake Forest College

Yessenia Abigail Alvarado Vasquez
Majors: Education; Spanish

Zaria Sydnor
Majors: Economics; African American studies

Lesley Tenorio
Major: Undeclared

Lawrence University

Angelica Hurtado
Majors: Art history; film

Pa Soua Vue
Major: Studio art

Luther College

Merrsadiz Smith
Majors: Psychology; English

Macalester College

Cristina Martin
Majors: Psychology; educational studies

Monmouth College

Maria Cocone
Majors: Psychology; Spanish

Taylar Tramil
Majors: Political science; communication

Ripon College

Karyssa Castillo-Kinney
Major: Psychology

Rachel Joas
Major: English

St. Olaf College

Iain Carlos 
Major: Religion

Tia Schaffer
Majors: Race and ethnic studies; history