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Hanna Brown

Finalist in the 2018 Nick Adams Short Story Contest

Story: S/s

Final judge Will Boast wrote:

"A surprising, fiercely written examination of the ways in which our bodies and genders define us and how we sometimes must fight against those definitions, told through the unexpected lens of gym culture."

More about Hanna Brown:

  • Hanna Brown

    Hanna Brown

    Junior at Beloit College

  • Major: Creative Writing
  • Minor: Political Science
  • Hometown: Elgin, IL

Q. Are there people (teachers, friends, authors) who have particularly influenced your writing?

I’m lucky to come from a family of teachers who encouraged me to read a lot and to finish my English assignments. Also, shout out to Chris Fink for reading this story and making it better.

Q. How have you developed your writing while you've been at Beloit?

I think the Creative Writing program at Beloit allows students a lot of freedom, especially in terms of genre. I've gotten the chance to write short stories, creative nonfiction, journalism, drama. I've learned which forms I have at least some knack for, and which I should probably leave to the professionals.

Plus, working as an editor for the Beloit Fiction Journal, I get to read hundreds of new short stories and sort of observe their path toward publication. Super grateful for that process.

Q. In addition to fiction, are there other types of writing you are particularly interested in?

I love songwriting! I feel like writing lyrics allows me to flex some of the same muscles — rhythm, aurality — as I would writing poetry, but I’m able to convince myself I’m just fooling around and not, like, baring my soul. Poetry scares me.