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Contest Winners

Listed below are winners of the Nick Adams Short Story Contest, with links to the text of the stories, if available.

Note: These stories are reprinted with permission. Copying any story without the express, written permission of the author is prohibited.

2017 -- "Four Times Jasper Diallo Didn't Die (and One Time He Lived)" by Rachel Stanley, Ripon College

2016 -- "Playing It Safe" by Nelson Ogbuagu, Grinnell College

2015 -- "Proudly, Unburied" by Evelyn Coffin, Knox College

2014 (Co-Winners) -- "The Fawn" by Zoey Slater, St. Olaf College and "Infinite" by Alex Zimay, Knox College

2013 -- "Truth in Lies" by Sarah Olson, Carleton College

2012 --"Gusanos" by Clare Boerigter, Grinnell College

2011 -- "Andrew at Eid" by Adam Sirgany, Knox College

2010 -- "Hangmen" by Andrew Watt, St. Olaf College

2009 -- "A Flawed Vivarium" by Kokoro Lee, Macalester College

2008 -- "Recollection" by Myra Thompson, Knox College

2007 -- "The Swans at Roxleigh" by Callie Bates, Lawrence University

2006 -- "Rolande Quits Her Job" by Sarah Schillaci, Carleton College

2005 -- "The Billie Holiday" by Anne Guidry, Carleton College

2004 -- "Entropy" by Mary Parker, Grinnell College

2003 -- "Templeton Appeared Stoic" by Ross Kelly, Knox College

2002 -- "Faculty Brat" by Benjamin Jacobson, St. Olaf College

2001 -- "At Auction: Items Offered by Hannah Elise Montgomery" by Elaine Farrugia, Knox College

2000 -- "The Rapture Approaches" by Jane Yager, Macalester College

1999 -- "Fun" by Anne-E. Wood, Macalester College

1998 -- "Memories of the Ghost" by Srinivas Rao, College of the University of Chicago

1997 -- "Dead Languages" by Lisa M. Bennett, Monmouth College

1996 (Co-Winners) -- "Planes" by Seth Shafer, Colorado College and "Chrystal's Room" by Aaron Cohn, Knox College

1995 -- "Looking for Swanny" by Josh Stevens, Knox College

1994 -- "The Water Gypsies" by Tenaya Darlington, Beloit College

1993 -- "Wood Things" by Malia E. Gellert, Beloit College

1992 -- "The Gargoyle" by Lynda Olman, Colorado College

1991 -- "An Extra Measure of Grace" by Heidi Espenscheid, Lawrence University

1990 -- "Walking to School in Snow" by Craig Salters, Lake Forest College

1989 -- "Morning Glory" by Martha Kesler, St. Olaf College

1988 -- "Staying Snow" by G. Scott Campbell, Coe College

1987 -- "Low Rent" by John McKenzie, Macalester College

1986 -- "Marshlands" by Timothy R. Fisher, St. Olaf College

1985 -- "(What happened to) The Next Earl Anthony" by Dan Nicolai, Macalester College

1984 -- "Solo" by Laurie Hovell, Lawrence University

1983 -- "Rosehead" by Kim Hastings, Knox College

1982 -- "Waiting for Michael" by Sheila McIntosh, Knox College

1981 -- "Olive" by Elizabeth Stronge, St. Olaf College

1980 -- "Sonia Rose" by Anne L. Johnson, Knox College

1979 -- "Sky-Dance" by Matthew White, Beloit College

1978 -- "Housecleaning" by Sue Rowe, Knox College

1977 -- "The Ship" by Peter Russell, Grinnell College

1976 -- "McKinley Summer" by Martha Starr, St. Olaf College

1975 -- "Summer Seventy-Four" by Amy Borgstrom, Colorado College

1974 -- "Pontius Pilate" by John Hagge, St. Olaf College

1973 -- "Sunday Silence" by Jonathan Griffith, Cornell College