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2018 Film Conference & Festival

Films Under Four Award

Lawrence University professor Amy Ongiri presented the Films Under Four Award to Peycen Ouyang from Carleton College at the 2018 ACM Student Film Conference & Festival.

April 20-22, 2018 at Lawrence University, Appleton, WI

More than 75 films — documentaries, narratives, animations, music videos, and experimental — by students from ACM colleges were screened at the 2018 ACM Student Film Conference & Festival.

The schedule, which unspooled over 48 hours, was jam-packed. Along with the screenings, staged readings of screenplays were given and students presented scholarly research papers.

Actor Garrett Brown, artist/experimental filmmaker Cecelia Condit, scholar/author Alexis Pauline Gumbs, and animator Deanna Morse served as guest judges, engaging in a panel discussion, delivering individual presentations about their work, and talking with students and faculty throughout the weekend.

The festival and conference culminated in an awards ceremony to honor the students' creative achievements in filmmaking, screenwriting, and scholarly research.

Students participating in the Film Conference & Festival came from 10 ACM colleges: Beloit, Carleton, Coe, Colorado, Grinnell, Lake Forest, Lawrence, Luther, Macalester, and St. Olaf.

Awards Presented to Students

The following awards for winners and honorable mentions were presented to students at the 2018 ACM Student Film Conference & Festival. If applicable, other nominees in the category are also listed. Links are provided for the winning films.

Scholarly Research

Best of the Midwest

  • Winner — Hannah Ganzel (Lawrence University): "What's in a Name: The Queer Language in Rebecca"
  • Honorable Mention — Paul Kirk-Davidoff (Carleton College): "Sympathy for the Devil: The Immediacy of Evil in 'The Act of Killing' and 'Titicut Follies'"

Audience Choice Award

  • Winner — Chase Monteiro (Lawrence University): "Marginalized Sci-Fi"


Best of the Midwest

  • Winner — Julia Greene (Colorado College): "The Presidents, The Musical: In Space, On Ice!"
  • Honorable Mention — Michelle Risacher (Grinnell College): "Bi Now"
  • Honorable Mention — Adam Wiener (Carleton College): "Balloon in Tree"
  • Honorable Mention — Charlie Stewart (Colorado College): "Dawn"


Best of the Midwest

  • Winner — Finn Bjornerud (Lawrence University): The Day’s Salience / PT I: The Fantasy / PT II: Somebody's Reality
  • Honorable Mention — Charlie Theobald (Colorado College): May
  • Honorable Mention — Directors: Brittany Camacho & Eliza Mott; Producers: Alyssa Carter, Tia Philip, Meron Afutu, Brittany Camacho, Eliza Mott (Colorado College): Reclaiming Rosas
  • Nominee — Jonah Castaneda Barry, Carleton College): Lost (Found)

Audience Choice Award

Social Impact Award
Awarded to the film that most successfully explores a significant social issue

  • Winner — Esther Chan (Colorado College): In the Meadows
  • Nominee — Daniel Levitt (Colorado College): Wrestling Za'atari
  • Nominee — Aaron Patterson (Colorado College): ...And Now Sofia
  • Nominee — Dylan Walker (St. Olaf College): MASC

Cinematic Artistry Award
Awarded to the film that best demonstrates mastery of film form

  • Winner — Kendall Rock (Colorado College): Start a War
  • Nominee — Sophia Capp (Colorado College): Tendencies
  • Nominee — Ali Shuger (Lawrence University): Impressions of Various Men
  • Nominee — Finn Bjornerud (Lawrence University): 'ICE' — Ian Hughes

Out of the Box Award
Awarded to the film with the most original concept

  • Winner — Kendall Rock (Colorado College): Clay Edwards - Dear Mulatto Son
  • Nominee — Léa Gould (Carleton College): Interference
  • Nominee — Liam Guinan (Lawrence University): Mary Adele
  • Nominee — Katie Rejsek (Coe College): Haunted

Films Under Four Award
Awarded to the best film under four minutes

  • Winner — Peycen Ouyang (Carleton College): They'll Be Gone, Just in Time
  • Nominee — Lily Greene (Lawrence University): Caboose
  • Nominee — Rebecca Reitemeir (Lake Forest College): Rewrite
  • Nominee — Liam Guinan (Lawrence University): Talk Means Trouble