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Conference Participants

ACM-Teagle Collegium Closing Conference - "Understanding Student Learning"

October 1-3, 2010 at Macalester College in St. Paul, MN

* Denotes Collegium Group members

Beloit College

*Kristin Bonnie, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Carla Davis, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Kathy Greene, Associate Professor of Education and Youth Studies

Carleton College

Peter Balaam, Associate Professor of English
Cherry Danielson, Associate Director IRA
Nathan Grawe, Associate Dean of the College
*Clara Hardy, Professor of Classics

Coe College

Terry McNabb, Associate Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Teacher Education
Rachel Neal, Assistant Professor of Sociology
*Steve Singleton, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Colorado College

Andrea Bruder, Professor of Mathematics
Pedro de Araujo, Assistant Professor of Economics
Paul Kuerbis, Professor, and Director of the Crown Faculty Center
*Tricia Waters, Associate Professor of Psychology

Cornell College

*Tony deLaubenfels, Professor of Computer Science
Shawn Doyle, Writing Consultant

Grinnell College

Joe Neisser, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Daniel Shore, Professor of English

Knox College

Laura Bush, Academic Coordinator, Center for Teaching and Learning
Ryan Fowler, Assistant Professor of Classics
Amy Singer, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Lake Forest College

Amanda Felkey, Department of Education & Business
Richard Pettengill, Associate Professor of Theater
Rachel Ragland, Associate Professor of Education
*Holly Swyers, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Lawrence University

*Joy Jordan, Associate Professor of Statistics
Gretchen Revie, Reference & Instruction Librarian
Nancy Wall, Associate Professor of Biology

Luther College

Rebecca Sullivan, Assistant Professor, Instructional Technology Librarian
*David Thompson, Associate Professor of Spanish
Stephanie Travers, Professor of Psychology

Macalester College

Nancy Bostrom, Campus Assessment Facilitator
Kendrick Brown, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Adrienne Christiansen, Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of the Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching
Neil Chudgar, Assistant Professor, English
*Susan E. Fox, Professor of Computer Science
Rebecca Hoye, Associate Professor of Chemistry
Melanie Huska, Doctoral Student
Antoine Mefleh, Instructor of Arabic
Alicia Muñoz, Professor of Hispanic and Latin American Studies
Paul Overvoorde, Professor of Biology & Associate Director of the Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching
Wang Ping, Associate Professor of English
Georgiana Podulke, Visiting Assistant Professor, Art and Art History
Julie Rogers, Associate Professor, Department of French
Jack Rossmann, Professor of Psychology (Emeritus)
Aeleah Soine, Visiting Assistant Professor of History
Eric P. Wiertelak, Professor of Psychology/Neuroscience
*Karl Wirth, Associate Professor of Geology; Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching

Monmouth College

Erika Buhring, Assistant Professor of Educational Studies
Rob Hale, Professor of English
Diana Ruggiero, Professor of Modern Foreign Languages
Wendine Thompson-Dawson, Professor of Economics
*Tim Tibbetts, Assistant Professor of Biology
Craig Vivian, Educational Studies

St. Olaf College

*Diane K. Angell, Assistant Professor of Biology
Heather Campbell, Education Professor
Devyani Chandran, Assistant Professor of Social Work and Family Studies
Eric McDonald, Instructor, Education and Biology
*Kent McWilliams, Associate Professor of Music
David Schodt, Director, Center for Innovation in the Liberal Arts
Mary Walczak, Professor of Chemistry
Katy Ziegler-Graham, Assistant Professor of Statistics


Sarah Bunnell, Program Assistant, Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Kansas
David A. Reichard, Associate Professor of History and Legal Studies, California State University Monterey Bay
Kathy Takayama, Director, Sheridan Center for Teaching & Learning, Brown University

ACM Consortial Staff

Sally Noble, Program Officer
John Ottenhoff, Vice President
Mary Scott-Boria, Director, Urban Studies Program
Christopher Welna, President