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Experience daily life in Jordan while examining the region’s current sociopolitical issues in the classroom.

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When you arrive in Jordan, your language ability will be assessed and you’ll be placed in a class suited to your background in Arabic language, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Your language study balances the fundamentals of Arabic with the conversation skills you’ll need to engage with the local culture. Classes are required in both Modern Standard Arabic, which is used for reading and writing, and the colloquial Jordanian Arabic used in conversation.

AMIDEAST, the program’s host institution, offers a variety of elective classes that are taught in English. Courses cover topics such as sociology, environmental studies, economics and development, women's studies, history and politics, Islam, contemporary culture, international relations, and Islamic arts.

You’ll also enhance your studies through one of three options: focus on a topic that matters to you in an independent study project, engage at a worksite in a community-based learning course, or take an elective course that includes a research component.

Throughout the semester, you’ll have opportunities to meet people and explore vibrant, everyday life in Amman, and to compare and contrast your experiences with portrayals of the region in the media and academic sources.

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